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Sirius S190 Aluminium

The S190. is ideal for the professional and semi-professional rider who has special wishes!

With a body length of 520 cm, a width of 171 and a height of 240 cm, the S190. not comparable to the other models.
The S190 has a large living space of no less than 220x170x240 cm as standard. The horse section is fully equipped.
The trailer is equipped with our patented split bulkhead and the insulated roof is equipped with a roof ventilation that, together with the 2 sliding windows, ensures that the air flow in the trailer is perfect.
With the S190. a comfortable ride is guaranteed, making perfect performance self-evident.

The S190 (but also the S170) can be set up in a modular way with, for example, a lounge with kitchen unit and sitting / sleeping area.
But you can also opt for space for your carriage or for transporting several Icelandic horses or ponies. In short, everything is possible!

Technical specifications

Model Dimensions
(lxwxh)in cm
Distance from breast bar to front
in cm
Tare weight
in kg
Total weight
in kg
Tyre size

Height of sides Height of breast bar
in cm
Height of buttock bar
in cm
Tow hitch pressure
in kg
S190 aluminium 525x171x240 90 1300 2500/
195-65R15 240 120 en 100 110 50/100


Large entrance door Heavy automatic
nose wheel
Interior lighting Alu-compound floor Ergonomic breast bar

Automatic canvas Ventilating windows Vertical power support front Tunnel over door latch
+ + + +                      + + hard cover + +/interior +
Saddleroom / dressing room                 
+ + /160x171x240 cm                

+ standard / – option


S190 Aluminium

S190 Aluminium Living

S190 Aluminium Islandic

S190 Aluminium Cariage


Available colours

Black metallic


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