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Your horse as focal point

What does your horse experience during the transport/stay in a horse trailer? That is the focal point of the design of a Sirius horse trailer. A horse is a flight animal by nature.
That is something we need to take into consideration.

A horse in the meadow moves his head and neck constantly. Can he still do that while he is in the average trailer or truck, often for hours? No; he can’t! The head of a horse with an average withers height of 168 cm can reach a height of 245-255 cm, with both front legs on the ground. From the shoulder, the horse needs a space of about 90 cm at the front.
A regular trailer, with an interior height of 230 cm provides insufficient headroom for the horse. He will therefore be forced to keep his head down and, because the roof is so close to his head (very sensitive for a horse), the horse will put his head down even more than he actually needs to. The net interior height/length used by the horse will therefore be 10 to 15 cm less. If, in addition to this, the horse does not have enough length in the trailer (only 100 to 110 cm measured from the shoulder), he will also be forced to bend his head to the inside, due to the sloping front of the trailer. Particularly during long trips, this position may lead to intense cramps, which may result in inferior performance and resistance during loading.

There is no such thing as a trailer that is too big for a horse; however, there are many that are too small!

The Sirius trailers have an interior height of 245 cm and an interior length of 340/345/360/490 cm. With these dimensions, you horse will be able to comfortably stand in the trailer, even for a longer period. When purchasing a trailer, ask yourself: who am I buying this trailer for; myself or my horse?
Choose well, choose spaciousness, choose Sirius!

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