SIRIUS Trailers BV is developer and manufacturer of horsetrailers and cargotrailers.

SIRIUS’ newest trailer concept is revolutionary in space, design, ease of use and safety; the perfect transport solution. For that reason our unique trailers carry the slogan "The next generation". Our assembly teams produce attractive high-quality horsetrailers which we guarantee for even five years.

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Revolutionary in design

A unique line of horse trailers that is not comparable with other trailers available on the market

Extremely spacious

Spacious interior, a large facility compartment and a large saddle room door

Maximum usercomfort

Door/rampcombination for easy loading and multifunctional usage, special front-sidesupport for channeling vertical powers

Optimal safety

A trailer made by Sirius is recognizable by its robust design.

Sirius Trailers BV
Hatertseweg 1a, NL-6581 KD Malden
The Netherlands 
T +31 8 5876 8763
M + 31 6 2999 2983
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