German top riders a.o. comfortably on the road with Sirius Horsetrailers : Dressurstall Isabell Werth (Olympic champion) | Dressurstall Helen Langehanenberg (Olympic medal) | Dressurstall Lisa Müller (Grand Prix) | Dressurstall Klaus Balkenhol (Olympic champion) | Dressurstall Klaus Husenbeth (Worldchampion) | Dressurstall Johann Hinnemann (Worldchampion) | Dressurstall Wolfram Wittig Dressurstall Beatrice Buchwald (Grand Prix) | Sandra Auffahrt (Olympic champion Versatility) | Stall Otto Becker (Olympic champion) | Stall Ulrich Kirchhoff (Olympic champion) | Stall Holger Wulschner (Derby champion) | Stall Kurt Gravemeier (Nations Cup rider) | Stall Tjark + Björn Nagel (Nations Cup rider) | Stall Peter + Thomas Weinberg (Nations Cup rider) | Stall Lutz Gripshöver (Nations Cup rider) | Stall Gut Berl | Westfälisches Pferdestammbuch | Hengsthaltung Holkenbrink | u.v.m.

About Kargo trailers

Sirius Trailers’ cargo van trailers have a welded torsion-free chassis. Both the chassis and superstructure are composed of the best materials.
The ventilating chassis enables the sides to dry from the bottom. That is why a cargo van trailers from Sirius offers you top quality. Sirius Trailers offers a 2-year guarantee on their cargo van trailers.

Multi-functionality is a keyword thanks to the door/ramp combination. This means you can use your Sirius cargo van trailer anytime and anywhere. The ramp has a over ride capacity of 500 kilos. As the ramp lies completely flush with the ground, even smaller wheels can get onto the ramp easily. As a standard, the ramp has anti-skid coating.
Standard for Sirius cargo van trailers: a heavy rejectable jockeywheel, interior lighting, an e-track with tie-down and support leg. All nuts and bolts are made of stainless steel. A side door is one of the many options.

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