About Cargo trailers

The company Sirius Trailers BV originated from four generations of experience in the development and production of horse trailers and trailers in the broadest sense of the word.
The Sirius development team has more than 30 years of experience in the trailer sector.
This team has devised a new trailer concept, revolutionary in space, design, ease of use and safety: the perfect transport solution for all your goods. It is not for nothing that the trailers bear the slogan “the next generation”.

The result is a line of closed trailers that cannot be compared with other closed trailers on the market today.
A Sirius trailer can be recognized by its door-/ramp combination. This closed-door combination makes your closed trailer multi-purpose. Due to the robust rear frame, the trailer is extra strong, guaranteeing a long service life!
Space, safety, versatility, user-friendliness and design are the hallmarks of our products.

All Sirius closed trailers are assembled in the Netherlands by our professional assembly teams.

Sirius Trailers BV
Hatertseweg 1a, NL-6581 KD Malden
The Netherlands 
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